Who we are

Since 1993, Eltec has been a leader in custom battery pack design

ELTEC is an Italian company founded in 1993, known for its ability to develop customized solutions in designing and producing lithium battery packs containing primary or rechargeable cells.

The company boasts a long-standing partnership with prestigious brands, including PANASONIC and SAFT, for which ELTEC is the only certified assembler in Italy for Lithium-ion chemistry.
As a result, ELTEC has gained a prominent position in the market and has become a reliable supplier well known for its quality and technical competence in the field of battery technologies.


Protection and Control ELECTRONICS play a crucial role in ensuring safety and performance in a battery pack. ELTEC integrates Made in Italy solutions designed by its sister company SET ENGINEERING, which produces PCM and BMS electronics, developing internally HW, SW, FW, including bootloader functions that allow remote monitoring and updating, and also providing pc software useful to the customer to independently control part of the technical data managed by the BMS.

Batteries for any application

Investing in Research & Development, ELTEC can offer innovative and customized solutions for B2B customers operating in various application sectors, such as INDUSTRIAL, TOOLS, DEFENSE, RACING, MEDICAL, E-MOBILITY, METERING, IOT, and many more. ELTEC has 3 different production lines to satisfy customers who need special products with low production volumes and high specialized labor, as well as customers who seek high automated production capacity.

Partnering with ELTEC means choosing a company that can create a product tailored to the real needs of the customer, through specific know-how applied to the state-of-the-art technologies in the world of batteries.

Our main partners

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